What is the image area for the coupon?
A full page is 7 1/2″ wide by 3″ high.
How are areas selected that receive the coupon book?
Using up-to-date demographics, the rural and neighborhood areas in the Morongo Basin with the highest average household income are mailed the book.
Other than mailing the coupon book, is there additional distribution?
Yes, books are available at some area hotels, so your ad will be seen by visitors. This is an important benefit for restaurants and retail shops.
Is the Cactus Coupon Book placed in an envelope for mailing?
No, the books arrive as solo mail, with the address printed on the back page.
Is there an extra charge for artwork?
No, it’s free. After learning more about your business and advertising goals, we will design an ad and supply a proof for approval.
What about response?
Most of the advertisers have had a positive experience with the coupon book. Some have achieved a return of thousands of dollars on a single mailing. Others have increased traffic to their store and gained new customers. It’s crucial that the offer is a good value to the consumer.
Can the coupons appear online?
Yes, if you advertise in the Cactus Coupon Book, your coupon/ad will be added to our website at no charge.
Do you offer advertiser links?
What is the cost per household?
For less than 2.5¢ per home, you reach the most active consumers in the Morongo Basin.